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StaffStatus is the team status board that shows you where everyone in your organization is - in real time

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No more chasing around to see where everyone is. Let them update their statuses, or centrally manage it from one point.

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Simple, quick, convenient

Staff can update their whereabouts with one click!

Having trouble keeping track of where your team is at all times? With StaffStatus, they can quickly update their status using their desktop PC, tablet or smartphone so you will always know where they are.

Flexible Workflow
Employees can update their own statuses, or you can have one or two people centrally manage and update everyone's whereabouts (or a combination or both).
Set up your own departments and locations, and filter by them or search for individual employee names.
Integrates seamlessly and instantly with our leading small business human resource solution HR Partner.
No-Fuss Quick Setup
No need for time consuming training. You can be up and running within minutes.

Empower your team

'One touch' real time updates of your team status in their pockets.

Is Bob in the office today? When is Susan back from her lunch break?

It's not about tracking or micro managing your staff - it's about knowing where they are so that you can confidently tell customers or managers when they may be available to do great work, or be tied up with something else.

One tap updating on a smartphone
Our fully responsive app allows your team to set their status with just a single tap on their smartphones. No need to remember a separate login either - each team member gets their own unique URL to update their status.
Extra details if needed
Your employees can optionally add extra information to their status, such as which client they are currently out of the office visiting, or what time they can be expected back from lunch etc.
Real time status updates
Any status changed entered by staff is reflected within StaffStatus in real time. No more email or text message 'ping pong' to see where anyone is.

Pricing based on your organization size

Only pay for the team members you need to track. Full refund within 14 days if you are not satisfied.

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What's included

  • Global staff In & Out board

  • Status comments & expected return time

  • Custom departments & locations

  • Real time updates

Your monthly price

$ 20 USD

“We were looking for a user-friendly in and out board for our staff. We liked StaffStatus best. The options your platform provides are wonderful and just what we were looking for!”

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See it in action!

We've created a sample LIVE board for everyone's favorite office, the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

Make real time changes
Follow the steps here to open up the main status board, then open individual employee update screens to make changes and observe them update on the main board! You will see how quick, easy and convenient it is for your team to change their status.